jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

Message from Yemanya

Canalized by  Bernardette Tristan  (may 2012)

Within a spiritual practice I have been done for the last 40 days for the healing of the waters of the World, I received the following message through a vision that I will write with as much detail as 

I was standing right in front a huge dark ocean wave, floading and taking everything on its way, on that moment I heard the name of Yemanya on the air and I repeated it, as I name her, I was placed on a sea shore (with other people, some of them my family but not all my family) and there was already people there, in a confusion, a saw the face of a young woman that with joy was opening a house (not by de door, but by the window, I understood it was abandoned, everything was there, furniture, lamps but no people) she explained to me that there was many houses like that one. At that moment I knew the world has suffered a change.

And while I was thinking about what happened the ocean woke up again, the wave was now bigger and darker I feel, the first I was able to do, was to cut my hand and offer my blood then I got (I don’t know from where) this white fruit, looked like an onion to me, and I offered too, the wave disappear  and the ocean was in calm again, I was able to walk towards the area where people ran to escape from this wave.  On the way I cross with this old lady when she was in front of me she called me “Daughter of the Water” and she continue her way and so did I.
When I arrived to the beach, the wave raised again, people have no way to run, the only thing I to do for me was to kneel and touch the water, at that moment, as I feel the water in my hands and my knees I heard her voice, soft and clear, there was no fear, she showed me that We had to immerse in her waters, give ourselves to her for our highest wellbeing.  She asked to fusionate with her, I saw many women immersing their daughters (there were also men, but mostly women).

Then there was a empty space where we were she showed me that waters have to change their course, with her hand she moved the ocean in an image of the planet, as a puzzle, she felt my worries, since I felt her compassion and she continued fixing the puzzle when she finshed I saw the face or mother Earth smiling again, healthy, I said, there will be many losts, she answer me,  many will re-encounter, other won’t.  In spite of the lost feeling I was place back again at the beach knowing that waters are healing and Yemanya’s work is part of the universal balance, it is the time to connect with her, go to the rivers, oceans and give ourselves to her arms to flow with her during this change.

It is time to light the fires that announce the awakening of the elements on our dimension, let’s plant without fear so our bodies and our souls won’t get any spiritual sickness.

Blessings flowing on every moment. 

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